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Customer Service Seminars and Workshops

Improving Day-to-Day Customer Service in Tough Economic Times, without Breaking the Bank?


Yes, that can be done – for under $10,000 in fees!

  • When your competition slashes customer service and other budgets, but customers more than ever need good service, make sure that your customers don't suffer unnecessarily from service irritants.
  • Satisfaction starts with creating a positively memorable service experience that results in trust, and leads to loyalty.


My affordable customer service seminar, Customer Experience Workshop, is a Quick-Results Method for Improving Day-to-Day Service and will help create a positively memorable service experience.

  • This is a proven and pragmatic methodology that invariably satisfies my clients and provides them great value-for-fees.
  • Throughout a Cycle of Service, it defines all customer touch points (Moments of Truth) and how service is delivered, from a customer's point of view.
  • For each Moment of Truth improvement opportunities are brainstormed and barriers to improvement are noted
  • Expect typically 50-75 pragmatic customer service improvement opportunities!
  • This workshop provides results fast – it can be conducted and reported in a week.
  • Your customers will love you for it – Your people love doing this!

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Customer Experience Management through Moments of Truth

Jan Carlzon, President of Scandinavian Airlines System, coined the term Moment of Truth for each customer contact in person, by phone, email or otherwise. He reached the conclusion that each one provides an opportunity to create a positive or a negative perception of the organization. Hence his "prescription" that says:
"Manage the dickens out of those unique, never-to-be repeated opportunities to distinguish ourselves in a memorable fashion from each and every one of our competitors."

The name of the game is therefore "to sweat the small stuff" and to become fanatically detail oriented to make each client touch point into a WOW experience. The formula for this is: WOW = OK + 1.

A +1 is something that is valued by the customers, which is over and above what was expected. There are three important criteria for +1's. They are necessary to ensure that each +1 creates added value for the customers and the business. They are:

  • They must have little or no cost.
    It's what you do for customers and not how much money you spend on it.
  • They must be quick and easy to do.
    Things that fit naturally with work practices without creating much extra work.
    Often, we can make time by stopping Non Value Added Activities (for which customers would not pay if they knew you were doing this)
  • They must be noted and valued by the customers.
    Things that people enjoy doing, that they are proud of doing and which make doing business with us easier and faster for the customers, while reducing cost.

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