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My customer service consulting services help you get a better view of the needs of the customers you serve so that you can align your organization to better respond to these needs. I invite you to put my customer service consulting services to work for your organization - creating legendary customer service!

Customer service consulting allows you to improve the quality of your customer service. However this requires commitment and a consistent effort from everyone - including your customer service consulting service provider. Creating a product or service that is unique in the eyes of the customer is increasingly difficult in the current competitive environment. It's no surprise that more companies are relying on service to achieve the necessary competitive advantage required. Outstanding service companies share many basic commonalities, but they also customize systems, structures, management styles and employment practices to suit their strategic goals.

Our customer service consulting services involve a focus of companies on defining success for everyone in the organization as continually improving everything - everyday. Nothing less will do.

10 Fundamentals designed to create a culture of continuous service improvement.

1. Make a commitment to service
2. Develop a proactive recovery strategy
3. Ensure continuous improvement
4. Listen to customers
5. Facilitate change
6. Define the playing field
7. Provide autonomy
8. Measure performance
9. Hold everyone accountable
10. Celebrate success

During the last fifteen years of providing customer service consulting services in a variety of industries I have helped companies with customer service quality consulting, change management, marketing strategy and research consulting.

Customer service consulting acts as an objective organizational catalyst, ensuring that the voice of the customer is properly captured and heard throughout the organization, so that business operations, people and supporting processes work together to deliver value.

The results are improved service, strengthened customer loyalty and retention, and increased employee commitment, and higher profitability - altogether a sharper customer focus for a sharper competitive edge. Here you can find out more about what I do, how I do it and my experience and credentials.

If your organization is located in the U.S., Canada, Holland or Belgium I offer you a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to talk about possible issues and solutions that will help you create Legendary Service, and about how you can benefit from my putting a my customer service consulting services to work for your company.

If you want to assess how sharp your company’s customer focus is, I offer a detailed customer focus self-evaluation. It consists of scoring 40 statements and will only take some ten minutes of your time. At the end of it you can conveniently and quickly compare your scores with the averages of those who completed it before you.

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