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Customer Satisfaction Measurement Process

"If you don't measure it, you cannot manage it". This time-tested adage certainly applies to the management of customer satisfaction and retention. One of the most common mistakes is that service quality improvement initiatives are started or maintained without a sound business case for making investments in "making things better for the customer" and retaining the right customers.

This requires capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC) through a sound customer loyalty and customer satisfaction measurement process.

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Building the Business Case through Measurement

Capturing the VOC to make a sound business case requires a quantitative approach using specialized and relevant customer satisfaction and loyalty survey research that is capable of determining the "business at risk". This consists of the number of customers at risk of defecting, multiplied by the profits they represent.

Sound customer satisfaction measurement requires the proper analysis of drivers of customer (dis)satisfaction and loyalty. There are many general market research companies purporting to provide such a service. There are few companies, however, with the sophistication to design predictive models...and models that work.

Customer Focus Consulting provides an integrated and seamless customer satisfaction measurement process in strategic partnership Forum Research Inc. This is a specialized and leading North American customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement firm. It not only offers the expertise of two Ph.D. statisticians, but especially the benefits of a proprietary model which gives the specific tools needed to minimize churn and maximize retention. It will tell:

  • Why customers defect or stay loyal?
  • Which customers are at risk and which customers are your best customers?
  • When customers will defect and to which competitor they will go?
  • Whether your loyalty program working?
  • Who is stealing your customers and how can you stop them?

However, just conducting a customer satisfaction measurement survey does not lead to service improvement! In and of itself it is merely an event, whereas a process is required to lead to sustainable change. The only meaningful way of capturing the VOC therefore is to treat it as a process that is made up of interlocking activities. This involves skilfully sandwiching the survey between a Stakeholder Buy-In Workshop upfront, and an Action Planning Workshop afterwards. I facilitate such workshops in close collaboration with Forum, to deliver to our clients a strongly integrated and seamless process that leads to real change fast.

Together with our unique modelling capability, our process view is a key competitive differentiator. We deliver the right information...and the right action!

Strengthening Key Customer Relationships

The icing on the cake is that we recognize that in the B2B arena often a small number of key customers account for a high percentage of business. Therefore, we offer our clients the capability of taking an in-depth snapshot of such relationships. Such a key customer relationship review can take place on its own, but can also be fully integrated in a quantitative customer satisfaction measurement. I have developed a well-proven framework for this relationship review process and applied it in a wide variety of industries. By now I have conducted more than four hundred of such in-depth interviews.

This process leads to action planning for strengthening individual key customer relationships.

Click here for full descriptive information on our processes for customer loyalty and customer satisfaction measurement and key customer relationship reviewing.

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