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Customer Complaint Management White Paper & Assessment Tool Offer:

Imagine, Actively Pursuing Customer Complaints Can Make You Money!

Yes, it’s true and it’s quite possibly one of the best kept secrets of those companies with superior profits and good reputations. In fact, what may surprise you is that those companies with consistently high levels of customer complaints also have even higher levels of customer loyalty.

More Complaints = Better Business

How does that work? These companies actively pursue customer feedback and see each complaint as a gift rather than a nuisance. They make it easy for customers to let them know what they think and what they experience with their products or services. Only 14% of customers leave for product reasons, 68% leave because of poor treatment when complaining or asking questions. These companies recognize that trust and listening are the foundations for customer interactions. Also, better interactions translate into happier customers and more business.

In my more than two decades of working with companies looking to improve their relationships with customers, I’ve discovered that your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning and if you make it easy for them to complain, they offer themselves for free! The customer that does not complain and does not come back is the one that hurts your business most of all! Ninety percent of them won’t come back to you.

Change Your Customer Complaint Management Approach

I want businesses to change how they deal with customer complaints. That’s why I’ve developed a unique and low investment way for your business to jump start improved customer service by focusing first on a quick win approach while continuing to change your business for the better over the long term.

Using this approach, one household name organization changed its whole philosophy on complaint management. Instead of targeting reduction of the number of complaints each quarter, it changed to targeting an increase in the level of complaints. The number of complaints nearly doubled but customer satisfaction increased substantially as customers realised that their complaints were being dealt with effectively. This translated into increased revenue immediately in first year alone, and – since the good word spread – in continuously increasing revenues year over year.

So what would it cost your business to become more customer focused through effective customer complaint management? For a modest investment of US$4,999, you can get started right away with:

  • A comprehensive Complaint Management Self-Assessment allows you to rate your business’s maturity level in ten areas critical for success. The rating scale is from low to best practice. This allows you to benchmark your current state so you can focus on the things you need to change.
  • A detailed and practical question set around each of the ten areas critical for expertly conducting this assessment.

PLUS — I want to ensure you understand fully the benefits you can expect to get from implementing a customer complaint management process that I’m offering a white paper of Best Practices and Support Examples—absolutely FREE!

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Take the time to look at your business and imagine the increased profits that come from more satisfied customers. You will realize that you are bound to make a healthy return on this modest investment. Just think about these three simple questions:

  • How much are we spending on marketing and sales per year to get new customers?
  • Now, how many customers would we have to retain by handling their complaints better to improved the yield of this budget by as little as 1 or 2 or 3 percent?
  • If we knew how to do this how unlikely would it be that we would not realize this?

P.S. I want this to succeed so I’m going to offer a free phone consultation to walk through the assessment and answer any questions you have about how to implement them in your business.

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Call me at (416) 465-0800 or email me

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