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Your customer service consultant - Eric Fraterman

Customer relationships are built on trust, established through consistent, repeated good experiences throughout the Cycle of Service.

Improve your Customer Service
and Manage the Customer Experience

Every organization has a customer experience. It is what happens for or to your customers as they learn about your company, try and then buy your product or service, get help, and share ideas. What is your customer experience today? Is it working for you or against you?

The fact is that most organizations do not [sufficiently] appreciate their Customer Experience. Neither do they proactively and in detail manage the Customer Experience throughout the Cycle of Service. Successful Customer Experience Management starts with mapping and detailed analyses of all customer contact points - “Moments of Truth”.

Use the Customer Experience Workshop
and keep customers coming back

This extensively proven quick-results method for intensely managing the customer experience throughout the Cycle of Service (externally or internally), defines, analyzes and reshapes customer contact points, or Moments of Truth.

  • A one day, hands-on workshop facilitated on site by Eric Fraterman.
  • Uses front-line people as proxy for the customers.
  • Delivered and reported in a week.

This is what you get for $10,000 plus travel expenses:

  • Chronological Inventory of Moments of Truth in a Cycle of Service
  • Customer-Focused Definitions of Excellent versus Bad Service Experience
  • Pragmatic Ideas for Changing Bad to Excellent Service Experiences
  • Opportunities for setting standards and measures
  • Identification of Non-Value Added Activities
  • Identification of (Organizational) Barriers to Improving Service Quality

This is my best-value service offering that invariably provides tens of pragmatic improvement opportunities as wells as strategic recommendations. You earn back this money very quickly, without a doubt.

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